What Should I Do With My Money?

If you came here wondering, “what should I do with my money?” then you’re in the right place.

The world of personal finance can be daunting at first, especially for newcomers.  This blog will help you navigate the waters.

I encourage all new readers to start by reading the phases below to help you get started building wealth.  By the time you finish reading through the posts below, you should have a pretty firm grasp on personal finance.  In fact, I’d wager that you’re probably doing better than most of your friends if you make it all the way to Phase 5.

This is the legit way to manage your money.  No get-rich-quick schemes here.  No flipping houses, no work-from-home schemes, and no bull.  This is what the wealthy do to become more wealthy.  It’s what you can do to join them.  And it spells out the exact steps to take without being vague.

So.  If you’re ready to answer the question what should I do with my money, then read on!  You can get everything you need to make your financial bed right here, for free.

Phase 0: You Have a Choice

Phase 1: Your Lean Budget

Phase 2: Emergency Fund

Phase 3: 401(k) Match

Phase 4: Paying Off Debt

Phase 5: Maxing Your Roth IRA

Phase 6: Bump Up Your 401(k) to 10%

Phase 7: Save Outside of Retirement Accounts

Phase 8: Pay Off Your Mortgage

What Should I Do With My Money